Edwardian Claddagh Engagement Ring

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Our Edwardian Claddagh Ring in vintage style glimmers in diamonds and delicate milgrain work creating heirloom appeal. This beautiful Edwardian Claddagh ring is a symbol of friendship, love and loyalty. This beautiful claddagh ring can be worn 062126_cas a right hand ring, promise ring or even as an engagement ring.

The Edwardian style of jewelry had its beginnings in the late victorian era from 1890 until 1915. Diamonds and white metal jewelry reigned supreme during the Edwardian jewelry era .  The hallmark of Edwardian design is delicate metal work like an Irish lace curtain. Edwardian jewelry was designed to look light and intricate like the femininity of an Edwardian era woman. Edwardian jewelry has seen a resurgence popularized by fans of the popular t.v. show Downton Abbey.

  • Edwardian Claddagh Ring is sterling silver.
  • It is rhoduim and rose gold plated.
  • The Edwardian Claddagh Ring has an 1/8 ct. tw. of diamonds.
  • Available…

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